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CROChief Risk Officer (corporate title)
CROContract Research Organization (aka Clinical Research Organization)
CROClinical Research Organization (Pharmaceutical/Regulatory)
CROCompanies Registration Office (Ireland)
CROCombat Rescue Officer (US Air Force)
CROChief Restructuring Officer (corporate title)
CROConversion Rate Optimization
CROChief Revenue Officer
CROChief Research Officer (corporate title)
CROCave Rescue Organisation (UK)
CROControl Room Operator
CROCommunity Relations Office
CROCrisis Response Operations
CROCentral Reservation Office (shipping)
CROCriminal Records Office
CROCentral Regional Office
CROChief Range Officer
CROCustomer Relationship Officer
CROCommunity Resource Officer
CROCounty Records Office (UK)
CROCommonwealth Relations Office
CROCentral Records Office
CROChemical Release Observation (three satellites: CRO-A, -B and -C; Strategic Defense Initiative Organization)
CROComplaints Resolution Officer (Australia)
CROCreole/Creole (language)
CROClinical Research Officer
CROColumbia Recovery Office
CROCOMSEC Responsible Officer
CROChange of Reporting Official
CROCivil Rights Officer
CROCharacter Read Out
CROComplete with Related Order
CROCongressional Relations Officer
CROContinuity Recheck Outgoing (ITU-T)
CROCetos Research Organization (Bar Harbor, ME)
CROComponent Repair and Overhaul (engineering)
CROCathode Ray Oscilloscope/Oscillograph
CROColorado Recorder Orchestra
CROCognizant Regional Office
CROCommunity Redevelopment Office
CROCollection and Recycling Organisation
CROContinuous Reliable Operation
CROCanceling Returns Only
CROCreative Roleplaying Organization (live action roleplaying games)
CROCommunity Reuse Program
CROCancel Rerouted Overflow
CROClock Reference Oscillator (AT&T)
CROCriterion Reference Objective
CROCodice di Riferimento dell'Operazione (Italian: bank money transfer)
CROCheque Requisition Order
CROChannel Replenishment Operations (Hewlett-Packard)
CROCreative Rescue Organization (Chicago, IL)
CROContractor Repair Only
CROCINC's Requirements Office (JBC)
CROCombat Replenishment Operations
CROContainer Release Order (international shipping)
CROCommand Reporting Organization
CROCustomer Resolution Officer
CROCentre Régional de l'Occasion (French: Regional Center of Opportunity)
CROClassique Rallye Organisation (French car club)
CROCombinatoire et Recherche Opérationnelle (French: Combinatorics and Operations Research)
CROChurch-Related Organization
CROChapter Relations Office (American Library Associations)
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The 29-year-old knows that it would be a major surprise if Croatia, who kick-off their campaign against the Republic of Ireland in Group C today, go on to win the competition.
Croatia has been negotiating for EU accession since 2005, and is wrapping up all 35 negotiating chapters 6 years later.
Croatia, which started accession talks in late 2005, hopes to become an EU member in 2013.
The June 2010 Award rejects Adria's claims against Croatia in their entirety.
Vuk Jeremic, Serbia's foreign minister, said that his country had done all it could to avoid filing the suit, but had acted after Croatia had refused to withdraw its own.
The Stabilisation and Association Agreement between Croatia and the European Union signed in 2001 [11] was the first step toward establishing stronger relationships with EU countries.
As Croatia is still not an EU member state, it is of potential interest to counterfeiters as a stepping stone into the territory of the European Union," said Andrej Matijevich, a founding partner of Matijevich Law offices in Zagreb, who is an appointed arbitrator for disputes over Internet domain names.
Jens Grittner, the spokesman for the organising committee, said: "We can't express how sorry we are to the people of Croatia.
The amount of marble that we came across in Croatia was overwhelming.
During this same week, the 839th deployed personnel to one of our most familiar Adriatic ports, Rijeka, Croatia to begin setting up for the redeployment of the 34th Infantry Division's aviation assets from SFOR.
Croatia remains 90% Roman Catholic, and its conservative, macho Balkan culture means that gay and lesbian residents are "still exposed to social homophobia, which is particularly evident in politicians' statements," according to the report.
Croatia, now independent for 13 years, suffered grievously under the communists and also during the wars of the 1990s.