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Se evaluaron los caracteres: longitud externa e interna de la flor, diametro de la crol.
PEACE TEAM: Pupils Ursule Crol, left, Jenny Dagnall, Claudia Sfortd, Daryl Pollard, Megan Hindley, Federica De Rugeriis and Jasmin Nagi with the mosaic path Picture: TRACEY O'NEILL
Here Lind rejects the view of Crol and others who have argued that America is unique among states in owing its coherence to a set of core beliefs or ideas.
Finally, on the other pole of the continuum, we find loanwords which have been adapted to Spanish syllable structure, thus, only one consonant is kept in implosive position at the end of the word, as in pimpon (from ping-pong) and crol from crawl.
Owner Giorgio Crol la agreed to close the premises for cleaning and to have the pest infestation removed.
Lila nadaba con un crol eficiente y sus pies tendinosos producian espuma; se fue alejando de Henry hacia el centro del lago.
See Bart Crols, Belgium to Mend Ties with Washington: PM Verhofstadt, Offers to Halt Debate on Iraq, Reuters, Sept.
Project team Willem Jan Neutelings, Michiel Riedijk, Jonathan Woodroffe, Evert Crols, Jago van Bergen, Gerrit Schilder, Burton Hamfelt, Chidi Onwuka, Joost Mulders
Johan Crols, MECOMS[TM] Product Manager: "All MECOMS[TM] components are built on a strong architecture, designed for agility, volume and performance.