CROMACCroatian Mine Action Centre
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My father got to the semi-final with Cromac [in 1989] and I can go up to the cemetery now and tell him, 'We done it.
He had forged a positive reputation for himself as a player with Cromac Albion and Brantwood and became one of the youngest managers in junior football at the age of 29.
Second: 1 Newlawn Impact, 2 Cromac Belle, 3 Woe Katie, 4 Mays King, 5 Ecclestone, 6 Aclamon Messi (m).
Rival gangs clashed in the Cromac Street area soon after what was the most dramatic Glasgow derby in many years.
Acting on the conclusions of a mission that assessed Croatia's needs in this area in September 1988, the EU and WEU agreed to redirect mine clearance activities away from the training of experts and towards assisting and supervising the activities of Cromac, the Croat mine-clearance action centre.
Early bikes were often made by local black smiths before firms such as George Stones in Cromac Street, Belfast, started to make machines made to measure.
Valkovic - CROMAC report has independently verified ELF laboratory tests results, which were reported earlier by ChemTech.
A free park and ride shuttle bus service will run between Ormeau Park and the car parks on Ormeau Avenue and Cromac Street between 10am and 4pm.
Contractor address : The Gas Office, 4 Cromac Quay, Ormeau Road
The assignment, awarded by the Croatian mine clearing authority CROMAC and valued at SEK2.
A new 120-room, four-star Radisson SAS hotel is due to open this month at Cromac Park, while Malmasion, which has a property in Birmingham, opens at the former McCausland site in November.
Riot police separated drunken rival fans in the Cromac Street area.