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CxCulture (e.g., bacterial)
CxCustomer Experience
CxChristmas Island
CxContext (Novell Netware)
CxChief Executive
CxCross Reference
CxCathay Pacific Airways
CxChemotaxis (multicellular organisms)
CxCircumflex (artery)
CxCenter of Expertise (Army Corps of Engineers)
CxCantor Exchange (financial exchange)
CxCategorical Exclusion
CxChristmas Islands (ISO country code)
CxChallenge X (hybrid vehicle development project)
CxCommodity Exchange (New York, NY)
CxChange Context
CxCount Register (assembler)
CxCharacter Transmission
CxPhosgene Oxime
CxCross Examination Debate
CxControl Transmitter
CxCheck Cancellation (stop payment)
CxConfiguration Index
CxChron X (game)
CxComposite Signaling
CxConsumer Exchange
CxRural Exchange
CxCriticality Experiment
CxColor Exterior Film (NASA)
CxColumn Extractant
CxCummings Exclusively (Mi6 Intelligence Report)
CxCylinder in Diopters, Axis in Degrees (ophthalmology)
CxActual / on scene (as in WxCx)
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Response to Beattie: A female participant's view of Cross Examination Debate Association Debate.
Response to Beattie: A female director of forensics' view of Cross Examination Debate Association debate.
The initial sponsors for the conference included AFA, Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, National Forensic Association, Phi Rho Pi, the Cross Examination Debate Association, the Illinois Speech and Theatre Association, Alan Nichols Memorial Fund, Pi Kappa Delta, Northern California Forensic Association, and the Forensics Division of the SCA.
Pamela Stepp is an assistant professor in the Communication Department at Cornell University and president of the Cross Examination Debate Association.
The future of the Cross Examination Debate Association is guided by the following goals:
For information about the Cross Examination Debate Association, contact Greg Simerly, CEDA Executive-Secretary, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 62901-6605, (618) 453-1896, debate@siu.
Thus, Jack Howe and other leaders of the Cross Examination Debate Association proposed to change the structure of the competitive activity as a means of channeling students efforts in more desirable directions.
1 The existence of the Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha and Pi Kappa Delta nationals and now, the American Debate Association and Cross Examination Debate Association nationals suggests that this conclusion was probably correct.