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XTChristmas Tree (subsea oil & gas)
XTExtra Thick
XTX-Ray Technician
XTCross Talk
XTExtended Technology
XTExtreme Terrain (advanced ski or mountain bike areas)
XTCross Train
XTExotropia (divergent strabismus; outward turning of one or both eyes; aka walleyed)
XTX-ray Tube
XTParasolid File (file extension)
XTXtreme Time
XTExtreme Tromboning
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change perspective and address the cross talk between cardiovascular and kidney systems showing that patients with chronic kidney disease are prone to develop cardiovascular events in a mutual relationship.
In the mid-1990s, however, with the coding-theory world buzzing about turbo codes' cross talk approach, explorations of several research groups independently led them back to Gallager's work.
It uses a similar scanninq optics shuttle design that reads each well individually with high sensitivity and no cross talk to deliver enhanced quantitative results.
The diode switches feature a port-to-port isolation of > 80 dB, minimizing cross talk between signal paths to reduce measurement uncertainty and to ensure accurate testing.
"Clearly, there's some kind of cross talk between the reproductive organs and the soma [body] of the animal," says Leonard Guarente of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who investigates the genetic factors of longevity.
2 mm hard metric (complies with IEC 1076-4-101) for cable to board applications with minimum cross talk and signal rise times measured in picoseconds.
Without satisfactory replacements for silicon dioxide, the current insulator of choice, the potential for electrical cross talk between such closely packed wires will be enormous.
Cross talk is the unwanted coupling of one signal to another and is the worst type of transmission line condition for LVD SCSI.
The result is high-efficiency collision-induced dissociation (C1D) and ultra-fast ion transport, reducing the sensitivity losses and cross talk observed on other systems.
Coil and contact connections are physically separated so that field and control wiring can be kept isolated from one another, thus preventing potential problems due to cross talk. Versions are now available that can plug directly into a PLC in order to provide an interposing relay.
The result is cables with isolation > 90 dB for minimal cross talk and maximum system performance.
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