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XTRANCross Transfer
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(1975) Cross Transfer Effects of Conditioning and Deconditioning on Muscular Strength, Ergonomics 18(1), 9-16.
When contact between two coated surfaces is indicated, the possibility of cross transfers must be considered.
(2012) Exercise-induced muscle damage and the repeated bout effect: evidence for cross transfer. European Journal of Applied Physiology 112(3), 1005-1013.
The design takes into account future expansion to accommodate a fourth saw/drill combination, and allows material to be sent to either blast machine using a power glide cross transfer system.
Following another free-wheel zone, the strips are piled on the right and left and moved onto an electrical cross transfer with individual strip transport into the roller buffer.
The sheer size of the project comes home with the fact that the 'L' shape pit to accommodate the equipment is itself 80 metres (262ft) by 70 metres (280ft) and from the bottom of the pit to the top of the transporter is over 12 metres (41ft) plus the cross transfer trolley on the largest line, moves over 21 metres (69ft).
Apart from transferring money to one's own bank account, cross transfers between two Payoneer accounts can also be made which are totally free of costs.