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XDDisney XD (TV Station)
XDExtreme Digital (flash memory card developed by FujiFilm and Olympus)
XDDies Laughing
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XDChristmas Day
XDExecute Disable Bit (Intel)
XDXenDesktop (Citrix Systems, Inc.)
XDex dividend
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XDExperience Design
XDCross Direction
XDExtra Dimension
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XDCross Dock (distribution)
XDExothermic Dispersion
XDExploratory Development
XDXtreme Duelists (Yugioh Clan)
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He said: "This Cross Dock route is heavily used by freight traffic, heading to and from the Belfast and Dublin Norse Merchant ferry terminal at Twelve Quays and businesses based in the area.
This article explains how lean production principles--also known as the Toyota Production System (TPS)--can be applied to create a cross dock that supports the lean philosophy.
For small package carriers, material movement in the cross dock is conducted by a network of conveyors and sorters; for LTL carriers it is mostly through manual handling and forklifts.
When you have floor ready you are able to cross dock -- you then have the capability of moving a carton through your center in a matter of minutes," Green explained.
The true key to a successful cross dock is the automated exchange of information through EDI between Dots and its many vendors even before the product physically arrives at the receiving door.
ESRF sprinklers, cross dock loading, on-site trailer parking, high ceilings; these are all ways developers are satisfying the tenant's hunger for efficiency.
As with most good things there is a catch: It takes a considerable amount of planning to cross dock efficiently and effectively.
Making the Move to Cross Docking: A Practical Guide to Planning, Designing, and Implementing a Cross Dock Operation
Today's cross dock, however, is undergoing some twists and turns.
In September 2007, Saddle Creek Corporation, a Florida-based third-party logistics (3PL) provider, announced that it had started construction on a new 60,000-square-foot, high-volume cross dock facility for Sam's Club in Hattiesburg, Miss.