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XRFX-Ray Fluorescence
XRFExtended Recovery Facility
XRFExternal Reference
XRFCross Reference File
XRFCross Reference
XRFX-Ray Flash
XRFExtended Recovery Facility (IBM)
XRFExtended Reliability Feature
XRFXenogeneic Reconstitution Factor (microbiology)
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A cross reference section organized by technology follows.
* Section V contains a list of Contract Service providers that deal specifically with the nonwovens industry, A cross reference section organized by technology follows.
The time-saving index below lists each cross reference category along with the page number where that particular cross reference starts.
In addition, this year some companies took advantage of our enhanced listings opporunity, so those companies appear in green throughout the cross reference sections.
A cross reference section organized by technology is included at the end of the alphabetical list.
* Phoenix Fabrikations was omitted from the spunlace section of the roll goods cross reference section
Also included are cross references to Tax Facts on Insurance & Employee Benefits, and the footnotes.
The longer entries are accompanied by the author's name and affiliation and include a separate list of cross references and a list of references.
Small black and white photos, cross references within volumes for further follow up reading, and an attention to detail make WOMEN AND WAR a recommended pick.
It is the strength of the book that it displays architecture not as a linear progression but plays on numerous cross references so that 'the built environment is not perceived as a static repository of form, but rather as frame, substance and result of spatial practices of dwelling and building'.