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Then in the course of the domestic market project they gained influence on the EU's regional policy which, from 1990 on, also intended to support cross-border co-operation. Thus, the Euregios were both a driving force of the territorial strategy of the EU's regional policy and beneficiaries of INTERREG as a financing tool, allowing for the extension and continuation of cross-border co-operation.
Cross-border co-operation between GCC countries and the US Federal Trade Commission in the consumer protection and competition field was also taken up in one of the sessions.
During the workshop participants will examine real criminal cases that were investigated through multi-agency cross-border co-operation with the aim of improving co-operation in fighting terrorism and transnational crime.
The acquisition, which represents Telenor's first step into the Bulgarian market, is expected to create cross-border co-operation opportunities and better efficiency, as well as enable the group to expand mobile data and Internet-based services in the Balkan country, the buyer has said.Country: BulgariaSector: TelecommunicationsTarget: Germanos Telecom Bulgaria AD, Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD (Globul)Buyer: Telenor ASA Vendor: Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation SA (OTE)Deal size in USD: 924.7mType: DivestmentStatus: ClosedComment: Deal size refers to the price for both Globul and Germanos.
Petros Souppouris, who was also awarded, lost nearly all his relatives in the massacre of Pelekythro in Mesaoria, also in 1974, when Turkish Cypriot extremists rounded up 22 women and children before a firing squad and shot them."We tell the truth for children to understand our mistakes on both sides and (so) they can find a solution," said Souppouris.The aim of the European Citizen's Prize -- created by the European Parliament in 2008 - is to recognise and reward activities facilitating cross-border co-operation within the EU or promote closer integration between citizens and member states.
It grew from the response to the global financial crisis by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which issued specific guidelines to enhance cross-border co-operation on crisis management.
Firstly I would put on record Cllr Weightman's constructive role in supporting cross-border co-operation between Knowsley and Liverpool to combat hate crime in the Dovecot area at working parties I chaired at the time.
Heads of police and customs from 13 nations agreed to tighten controls and improve cross-border co-operation at a two-day meeting here, the BBC reports.
the "Mediterranean Sea Basin Cross-border Co-operation Program," to help
Maritime piracy is an "urgent global priority" that has no quick-fix answers but demands cross-border co-operation between governments and industry, added Sir John Parker, joint vice chairman, DP World.
Effective supervision and improved cross-border co-operation will help to manage risk in the financial system, while solid domestic framework conditions will contribute to the development of the financial centre.
Obama is expected to emphasise cross-border co-operation in the fight against the drugs cartels during his visit to Mexico City.