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We are really happy about being able to continue this partnership with Babbel,” says Alex Brandt, Program Site Specialist & Team Leader, China & India, Six-time Volunteer, Cross-Cultural Solutions.
Cross-Cultural Solutions is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1995.
"It is an economic reality that people are seeing programs like Cross-Cultural Solutions' as challenging to do without a lot of planning."
All of our in-country staff are locals." For example, Peruvian gay rights activist Enrique Bossio, as the Cross-Cultural Solutions country director, masterminds all the organization's projects there, including those for HIV.
The nonprofit humanitarian organization Cross-Cultural Solutions recently launched a project in Ghana, West Africa.
Before its current site launched in October, 2005, New Rochelle, N.Y-based Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) was operating three Web sites--its master site as, and sites for two of its programs, Intern Abroad and Insight Abroad.