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By using tree-fractal elements, cross-polarization level and mutual coupling increase, which would lead to gain decline.
The measured beamwidth of the four-element microstrip slot antenna array is approximately 86[degrees] and the cross-polarization level is less than -25 dB.
5979 GHz, which is approximately 57 percent, and the cross-polarization level is less than -25 dB.
57 dB and slightly improves the directivity with good co- and cross-polarization levels of the radiation patterns.
Furthermore, the lower cross-polarization level, it is more sensitive to the errors.
Consequently, the cross-polarization levels of the patch are raised.
This layout constrains electric field in the slot region parallel to the metallization, aiming to improve the cross-polarization level.
However, the single offset, parabolic reflector has a high cross-polarization level (XPOL).
A cross-polarization level of more than 30 dB is achieved in the H-plane and 26 dB in the E-plane.
However, the measured cross-polarization levels deteriorate to 0.
The measured radiation pattern results show that the cross-polarization levels for the PBG antenna are below -14.
However, as an active antenna element, the patch has exhibited very narrow tuning ranges with high cross-polarization levels and wide output power deviations.