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XMIICross-Wire (Two Wire Serial Management) Media Independent Interface
XMIIxApps Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP)
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In this work, we propose a dual-band THz CMMs with combined two different sized cross-wire structures in a unit cell.
It can be found that the functional frequency region of the CMMs could be adjusted easily by changing the dielectric layer thickness and width of cross-wire. The exceptional strong polarization rotation, CD effect and negative refractive index also could be found by selecting these structure parameters appropriately.
The unit cell of dual-band THz CMMs is composed of two different sized mutually twisted metallic cross-wire separated by dielectric layer.
We can conjecture that the two resonances are corresponding to smaller size cross-wire structure, and the other two resonances are to the bigger one.
5, obviously, the first couple resonances (4.8 THz and 5.6 THz) are mainly caused by the longer bi-layer cross-wire structure, while the second couple resonances (7.9 THz and 8.2 THz) are mainly attributed to the shorter one.
Pendulum sights have a primary pin (or cross-wire for cross-hair sights) that is free to pivot.
One pin (or cross-wire) handles all your shots from five to 30 yards.
Box 2436, High Point, NC 27261, and ask for a free cross-wire support kit.
In May June revealed she has been having problems with her sight and gets what she called "cross-wires" in her left eye.
He suffers from synaesthesia, a condition that "cross-wires" his senses, giving him unique insight.
This semi-auto welding machine must be manually fed the lines wire, but it also has an automatic hopper for cross-wires as GSA-80.
But I wonder who's going to be next in McDonalds' cross-wires? How about McDuck?