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The resulting dynamic crossfeeds are used for gain-scheduled controller designs.
All these metrics are by MAJCOM for comparison purposes and to facilitate the crossfeed of ideas/best practices.
A crossfeed mechanism complete with precision ballscrew and AC inverter provides a smooth crossfeed and allows criss-cross grinding.
A recent application involving Portec Systems Engineering demanded a feeder to transfer products, presented eight units at a time onto a crossfeed conveyor, to a carousel which places them in a container.
One of his Brazilian suppliers, Omeca, makes veneer dryers and press lines, while the other, Fezer, manufactures lathes, core composers, crossfeed splicers and knife grinders.
In the event that pump or engine fails, the aux tank on that side could hold 30 gallons of dead weight; there's no crossfeed from the aux tanks to the opposite engine.
Some manufacturers' pre-takeoff checklists, especially for twins, may include an item requiring that the fuel selector be turned to another tank (crossfeed in a twin) momentarily, then back to the recommended tank for takeoff.
Longitudinal movement is controlled via the lathe carriage, transverse movement via the lathe crossfeed and, when required, the attachment can be swiveled 360 degrees.
Senior Chief Crook is a maintenance analyst at the Naval Safety Center and coordinates the Crossfeed section of Mech.
They took the company's ACC-12X24DXNC 2-axis simultaneous (crossfeed and downfeed) saddle-type CNC surface grinder and equipped it with a NC/ballscrew table drive that uses a high-resolution AC servomotor.
The fuel system was simplified in 1974 with interconnected tanks and three-position (on, off, crossfeed) selectors.