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XLPExtreme Low Power (microcontrollers)
XLPX-Linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome
XLPCrosslinked Polyethylene
XLPXypoint Location Platform
XLPExtended Life Program
XLPLiterate Programming in XML
XLPExtra Low Pulse
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Highly crosslinked polyethylene is safe for use in total knee arthroplasty.
Having a thicker crosslinked polyethylene power cable insulation MV two water treeing spherical shape filled completely (Fig.
"At the time, the highly crosslinked polyethylene is where I thought the industry was going.
"This was not only time and cost-intensive, but there was no guarantee that the end result would be satisfactory, neither from a quality nor from a production ficiency point of view." PE-X pipes are used in gas and domestic water distribution systems, district heating and other industrial applications that benefit from the high temperature and chemical resistance of crosslinked polyethylene, as well as its flexibility, very high impact resistance at low temperatures and high creep resistance.
Their obvious candidate was crosslinked polyethylene. Irritating the ultrahigh-molecular-weight polymer injected enough energy to break some of its long molecular chains.
E-BEAM Services, Inc., reports that stress- and crack resistant crosslinked polyethylene pipe (PEX) is finding new use in natural gas service.
Examples include crosslinked polyethylene and vulcanized rubber powders.
According to Zimmer, a paper published earlier this month reported that, at 96m cycles of in vitro wear testing, Vivacit-E Advanced Bearing Technology featuring Vitamin E grafted highly crosslinked polyethylene hip acetabular liners from Zimmer maintained a significant wear rate reduction of 95%, with no cracking, delamination or fracture observed on the samples evaluated.
Those patents (12-15) describe processes for producing foam sheets using scraps or chips from crosslinked polyethylene foams.
Stryker officials claim the implant includes the first highly crosslinked polyethylene glenoids on the market.
Noble, compounding innovator and executive who pioneered the use of plasticizers for flexible vinyl and crosslinked polyethylene for wire and cable;