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XREFeXternal REFerence (ACAD)
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A signal would crossreference information like a passenger's name and flight number.
Using online directories, would-be burglars can crossreference the information contained within the automatic email replies to find out the personal details of the sender.
And the register is just a paper file of convictions held by gardai with no online system to crossreference areas.
It will then be put into a national database that can be used to crossreference DNA found at any crime scene.
Experts will take DNA samples and crossreference the victim's teeth with Melissa's dental records.
She explains terms, offers crossreferences, and is honest about her source material.
Some crossreferences between Burger's article and the second part ofthe book are useful to contextuallse Tello's writings.
Tommy Storm is not a particularly likeable character, and although this book is riddled with intelligent crossreferences meant to amuse, it just comes across as though it's trying too hard to impress.
Cryptic messages appear everywhere with stars and crossreferences for added confusion.
The articles have all the crossreferences one could want, and the book is rounded off with a list of its illustrations, a work list, and indices of names, places, and works.
In addition to a number of subtle crossreferences, the show offered a refreshingly diverse viewing experience with a small, manageable selection of works by ten artists.
Roxanne, with interdisciplinary collaboration, updated the critical care medication manual and included crossreferences for herbal products.