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CFSACommunity Financial Services Association
CFSACertified Financial Services Auditor
CFSACarolina Farm Stewardship Association (Pittsboro, NC)
CFSAChild and Family Services Act (Canada)
CFSACanadian Figure Skating Association
CFSACounty Farm Service Agency (various locations)
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CFSACrown Forest Sustainability Act (Canada)
CFSACanadian Forces Sailing Association (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CFSACentre de Formation Supérieure d'Apprentis (French: Center for Advanced Training of Apprentices)
CFSACanadian Fire Safety Association
CFSACertificate of Forest Stewardship Agreement (Philippines)
CFSACy-Fair Sports Association (Houston, Texas)
CFSACasket & Funeral Supply Association of America
CFSACertified First Surgical Assistant
CFSACentral Florida Shuffleboard Association
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For the last decade, Canfield and other Northern leaders had been fighting an ongoing battle with the previous Wynne government's campaign to activate the Endangered Species Act, a piece of pro-environmental legislation that industry supporters claimed would add costly duplication to the wildlife and habitat protections already included in the Crown Forest Sustainability Act.
This transition was emphasized by the replacement of the Crown Timber Act with the Crown Forest Sustainability Act (1994) which states one of its goals as the conservation of "large, healthy, diverse and productive Crown forests and their associated ecological processes and biological diversity" (s.
Gilles Robinson, Philip Swanson, Clinton Robinson and Sayers are charged with, harvesting timber without a permit under Ontario's Crown Forest Sustainability Act.
Crown Forest Sustainability Act. Chapter 25, Statutes of Ontario.
In the court case, the Wildlands League and Friends of Temagami alleged that the Minister of Natural Resources approved logging in Temagami, Elk Lake and the Upper Spanish forests without complying with the Crown Forest Sustainability Act (CFSA), or with the conditions imposed by the Environmental Assessment Board in its decision concerning timber management in Ontario.
The Crown Forest Sustainability Act, the rules under which companies operate on the land, takes more of a "macro approach" in managing for all species, said Lim.
They argued that the Crown Forest Sustainability Act already provides adequate protection for species at risk and habitat protection.
Those groups spread "malicious falsehoods" suggesting Reso-lute's non-compliance with Ontario's Crown Forest Sustainability Act and its Quebec counterpart, he said.
The MNR announced May 31 that it will "harmonize" the Crown Forest Sustainability Act and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to cut bureaucratic red tape and avoid duplication.
The new corporation reports directly to Gravelle, but its degree of autonomy to make business decisions depends on adhering to MNR policy, such as conforming to the Crown Forest Sustainability Act.
Others, such as Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson, argue that the Crown Forest Sustainability Act already gives the province the legal authority to do what it claims it currently cannot.