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The current morphometric analysis showed that Septra D.S has effects on the fetal growth as our results show the fetuses obtained from the pregnant mice treated with Septra D.S were significantly different from controls in their body weight, crown rump length and other morphometric parameters.
Immediately after collection, the foetuses were measured for their curved crown rump length (CVRL) in centimetres with a calibrated inelastic thread.
Most radiologists will be familiar with the old adage "5 alive," referring to a 5mm crown rump length (CRL) at which point fetal cardiac activity is expected.
Crown Rump Length (CRL) was measured to confirm Gestational Age (GA).
Fetuses were counted, sexed (when possible), measured, and aged based on crown rump length (Henry, 1968a).
'Desi' chick embryos treated with different concentrations of dimethoate showed reduction in the wet body weight, crown rump length, anterior posterior head diameter, eye diameter, beak, humerus, radius, metacarpus, femur, fibula and metatarsus length compared to control group.
The Weight CRL (Crown Rump Length) Hearth Girth and Height of masculine iniodymus (two skulls with fusion at the occipital region) female fetus were 40 kg 27 inch 29.5 inch and 33.5 inch respectively.
Researchers examined the association between crown rump length (CRL) discordance in 1,356 twin pregnancies, measured by ultrasound at 7.09.6 weeks, and spontaneous single fetal demise diagnosed at the 11- to 14-week scan, and presented the data at the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology world congress,.
Standard measurements of the crown rump length and NT were performed in accordance with Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) guidelines (
Two of four males taken during the wet season (July 2005) had scrotal testes (one was sub-adult), while one of three females contained 2 embryos, one in each uterine horn (crown rump length of the embryo in the left uterine horn measured 12 mm.
Gestational age was estimated standard measurement of mean sac diameter of Gestational sac, Crown rump length of embryo.
Morphometeric studies involved the fetal body weight, crown rump length, head and eye circumferences, pinna size, snout size, length of forelimb and hindlimb and tail length.