CRPLCedar Rapids Public Library
CRPLCentral Radio Propagation Laboratory
CRPLChicago Ridge Public Library (est. 1966; Chicago Ridge, IL)
CRPLCreeper Reverse Polish Language (Knuckle Cracker)
CRPLCreeping Lines
CRPLCosmic Ray Physics Laboratory (NASA)
CRPLCenter for Reproductive Law and Policy (New York, NY)
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Average Max Inflows ([hm.sup.3]) ([hm.sup.3]) Guadalentln River 1.04 2.60 Nogalte rambla 1.04 2.60 W ramblas 0.70 1.73 E ramblas 1.39 3.47 Rainfall infiltration 7.00 26.74 CRL infiltration 2.09 2.83 CRPL infiltration 1.55 3.09 Min Inflows ([hm.sup.3]) Guadalentln River 0.20 Nogalte rambla 0.20 W ramblas 0.13 E ramblas 0.27 Rainfall infiltration 2.23 CRL infiltration 1.65 CRPL infiltration 0.12
3 of 1987, as amended ("Federal Penal Code") and the CrPL. These laws apply throughout the UAE including in the free zones.
Article 22 of the CrPL allows the victim to make a claim against the company (and any other perpetrator) for civil compensation in respect of harm suffered as a result of the crime.
In 1946, when the war had ended, IRPL became the Central Radio Propagation Laboratory (CRPL), and no longer had a purely military function.
Upon its arrival in Boulder, one of the CRPL's goals was to distribute the national standard of frequency at lower uncertainties than were possible through the shortwave broadcasts of WWV and WWVH.
Other low frequency (LF, 30 to 300 kHz) and very low frequency (VLF, 3 to 30 kHz) radio stations designed for measurement and calibration purposes had already been built by the time CRPL moved to Boulder.
(CRPL) for purchasing a state of the art Cash Management Solution.
Clininvent Research Private Limited (CRPL) based in Mumbai is a subsidiary of TCG Lifesciences Limited, a leading global integrated drug discovery and development research Services Company, a part of The Chatterjee Group (TCG) headquartered in New York.
She also claimed to have had sex several times with Crpl Ayton including in his office on base but said that the relationship ended when he discovered she had slept with Hodgskins again.
CRPL was able to offer the services with no upgrades to its equipment beyond those needed for dial-up access, although it is looking to add a Web server in the near future.