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CRSFCanadian Rope Skipping Federation (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
CRSFCenter for Research on Sustainable Forests (est. 2006; University of Maine; Orono, ME)
CRSFCal Ripken Sr Foundation
CRSFCyclotron Resonant Scattering Feature (various locations)
CRSFCoopers Rock State Forest (West Virginia)
CRSFClub Regatas Santa Fe (Spanish: Racing Club Santa Fe; Argentina)
CRSFCentral Region Storage Facility (US Air Force; Sanem, Luxembourg)
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models the CRSF after the classical cross section of cyclotron resonance, where D is the depth and W is the width of the resonance.
40) Including these and other firm examples, the CRSF has been detected to date from about 20 objects, out of the ~50 BXPs that are securely catalogued in the Local Universe.
6 is that the MF distribution of BXPs (in green), determined with the CRSF technique via Eq.
The CRSF technique has provided a very important probe to the MF strengths of BXPs, and has reinforced the view that the MF is unlikely to make gradual decays except at >[B.
Following the Ginga achievements, observations with the BeppoSAX, RXTE, and INTEGRAL satellites increased the number of detected CRSFs.
Therefore, the United States must establish a Personnel Recovery CRSF that uses private space-lift carriers similar to the airlift CRAF currently in place.