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The development of gastric lesions and their healing were evaluated by clinical parameters like rectal temperature ([degrees]F), heart rate (/min), respiration rate (/min), colour of mucous membrane (cmm), body weight (kg), variations in appetite, vomiting, colic, melena, diarrhea, constipation, anychange in hair coat and skin or any other behavioural change in dogs, hematological parameters like hemoglobin (Hb), packed cell volume (PCV), total erythrocyte count (TEC), total leukocyte count (TLC), and differential leukocyte count (DLC), biochemical parameters such as aspartate transaminase (AST), alanine transaminase (ALT), total protein (TP), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and creatinine (CRTN), Fecal occult blood test (FOBT), and gastroendoscopic examinations.
Estimations: Triglycerides (TG), total cholesterol (TC) and high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, alkaline phosphatase (ALKP), asperate amino transeferase (AST), alanine amino transferase (ALT) and creatanine (CRTN) were estimated spectrophotometrically in blood serum by standard methods (8) using kits of Bayer Diagnostic, India.
Why certain is crtN and cool c%l, but capable and cosy translate with a 'K' - kpabl and koZ - is anyone's guess.
* Cartesian Inc (NASDAQ: CRTN) shares dipped 39.7 percent to $0.272 after the company reported the exploration of strategic alternatives.
Clinical Parameters Heart rate (bpm) 84 Respiration rate (b/min) 28 Rectal temperature 102[degrees]F NIBP 133/87 (98) SP[O.sub.2] 92% CMM Light pink Clinical Parameters Haematological parameters Heart rate (bpm) Hb 8.8 g% Respiration rate (b/min) PCV 30% Rectal temperature TLC 2.7 x [10.sup.6][micro]L NIBP DLC CRTN SP[O.sub.2] M L N CMM 2 74 24 Clinical Parameters Biochemical parameters Heart rate (bpm) AST 81 Respiration rate (b/min) ALT 30 Rectal temperature BUN 27.2 NIBP 1.0 SP[O.sub.2] TPR 6.4 CMM Glucose 65.8 Discussion