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The sister ships are 320,000 deadweight tonnes and have a capacity of more than two million crude oil barrels each.
The sister ships are 320,000 in deadweight and have a carrying capacity of more than two million crude oil barrels each, according to a Press release issued on Wednesday.
This contributed to a fall in the price of lighter Nigerian Qua Iboe crude oil barrels, usually more influenced by the strength of US gasoline demand.
The new cash-settled versions of the Oman and Brent contracts may help to attract more trade from equity investors less interested in holding physical inventories of crude oil barrels.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran plans to inject its additional crude oil barrels into market, once sanctions on banking sector are fully lifted, said the managing director of the National Iranian Oil Company.
995m crude oil barrels daily in international markets, while its production amounts to 2.