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CRYOCryogenics Assembly
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I sent half of the barrels from each category out for cryo and built temporary uppers with the non-treated barrels.
Gulf Cryo chairman Amer Al Huneidi said Mumtalakat's considerable funding expertise and influential connections in Bahrain and the wider GCC will help their investment plans in the coming years.
Majestic Cryo forged their way into the industry after being invited to feature cryosauna on the Dr.
We divided our patients into 3 groups: Group 1 included the initial 65 patients treated with CRYO between 1995 and 1998 (the "early CRYO group"); Group 2 included the last 65 patients treated with CRYO from 2002 to 2004 (after accumulating experience with 150 cryoablation cases) (the "later CRYO group"); and Group 3 included 65 patients who underwent HIFU from 2004 to 2012.
Whether through strategic investments, geographical expansion or new market opportunities, Gulf Cryo is poised for its next phase of growth.
Dr Frank Gotzelmann managing director of Tyczka Group, remarked: "We look forward to our cooperation with Gulf Cryo in the operation of the plant and the marketing of our products,"
Gulf Cryo was founded in Kuwait in 1953 by the Al Huneidi family and has expanded over two generations from Kuwait into the UAE, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Pakistan.
Cryo Clean comes to winery sites for jobs of 50 barrels or more.
As a control, we used the urine from a myeloma patient with [kappa] Bence Jones protein without cryo formation.
The MHW Group, a refrigerated logistics provider based in Owings Mills, Maryland, has joined forces with Cryo Trans, Inc.
WIMBLEDON'S here - and so is Open Tennis 2000, the latest PC CD-Rom from Cryo Interactive.
French computer games publisher Cryo Interactive SA returned to profitability in 1998, with net income of 870,000 euros ($945,000) on revenue that was up 60.