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CDMSClinical Data Management System
CDMSCryogenic Dark Matter Search
CDMSComprehensive Data Management System (various companies)
CDMSCost Documentation Monitoring System
CDMSCommunication Driver Maintenance System
CDMSCommand and Data Management System
CDMSCologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy (Cologne, Germany)
CDMSCertified Disability Management Specialist
CDMSCertification of Disability Management Specialists
CDMSCommunication Driver Maintenance System (ISDN)
CDMSClimate Data Management System
CDMSCommand and Data Management System (NASA)
CDMSCommand and Data Management Subsystem
CDMSConfiguration Data Management System
CDMSContract Data Management System
CDMSCryospheric Data Management System
CDMSContinuous Deformation Monitoring System
CDMSComputer-aided-design Data Management System
CDMSCorporate Document Management System
CDMSCentral Data Management System
CDMSCentraal DRIP Management Systeem (Dutch traffic management)
CDMSCarpet Dealer Management System (Sicklerville, NJ)
CDMSCost Development Management System
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Armel-Funkhouser, "Exclusion limits on the WIMP-nucleon cross section from the cryogenic dark matter search," Physical Review D, vol.
Bailey et al., "Characterization, performance, and future advanced analysis of detectors in the cryogenic dark matter search (CDMS-II)," Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol.
The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search consists of a network of silicon and germanium crystals cooled to near absolute zero.
According to a report in Nature News, the project is called the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search II (CDMSII) experiment.
Arrenberg et al., "Search for weakly interacting massive particles with the first five-tower data from the cryogenic dark matter search at the soudan underground laboratory," Physical Review Letters, vol.
CDMS, the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, looks for WIMPs using germanium and silicon crystals chilled to nearly absolute zero.
And an experiment in a mine in northern Minnesota, the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, tries to spot dark matter jostling germanium and silicon detectors.
For instance, the current version of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment, called CDMS II, at Soudan is made up of five stacks of germanium and silicon wafers, all sheathed in five nested copper containers.
The experiment, known as the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, uses germanium detectors cooled to nearly absolute zero to record tiny vibrations imparted by a proposed type of dark matter called weakly interacting massive particles, or WIMPs.
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