Cs-137Cesium 137
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Analytical results for 125 of the 129 samples for various vegetables, mushrooms, fruit (strawberry), pork, seafood, fresh milk and raw unprocessed milk indicated that I-131, Cs-134 and Cs-137 were either not detected or were below the regulation values set by the Japanese authorities.
The activity concentrations of I-131, Cs-134 and Cs-137 in sea water at the screen of <strong>Unit 2</strong>&nbsp;were measured every day from 2 April to 30 April.
I-131 was reported in only one prefecture and Cs-137 was reported in three prefectures, with a value of 4.
Low levels of Cs-137 deposition were reported in a few prefectures on a few days since 18 May; the reported values range of from 2.
Brandao-Mello (1990), "The Acute Radiation Syndrome in the Cs-137 Brazilian Accident, 1987," The Medical Basis for Radiation Accident Preparedness II, ed.
According to the standards of Health Ministry of Ukraine, the Cs-137 specific activity of medicinal plants must be less than 600 Bq/kg.
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Silena International SpA specialises in automated gamma radiation detection systems, capable of detecting materials such as Cs-137, Co-60 and other gamma emitting radionuclides.
The total exposure dose rate of reference organisms resulting from ionising radiation of technogenic radionuclides in Lake Druksiai Insect larvae H-3, Pu-239 <1% Cs-137 40% Cs-134 1% C-14 2% Mn-54 4% Co-60 42% Sr-90 10% Vascular plant H-3, Pu-239 <1% Cs-137 40% Cs-134 1% C-14 2% Mn-54 4% Co-60 43% Sr-90 9% Crustacean H-3, Pu-239 <1% Cs-137 40% Cs-134 1% C-14 3% Mn-54 4% Co-60 41% Sr-90 1% Gastropod H-3, Pu-239 <1% Cs-137 38% Cs-134 1% C-14 4% Mn-54 4% Co-60 46% Sr-90 6% Note: Table made from pie chart.
The inset shows very recent data [19] on the decay of Cs-137 during the annular solar eclipse of 26 January 2009, also in southeast Kansas, at the time when the eclipse was at peak darkness in Australia, also showing a dip in decay rate when the umbra passed closest to the source isotope (time = 4.
After nine years of research he discovered that internal radiation from Cs-137 by low doses led to damage on vital organs.