CSEEConference on Software Engineering Education
CSEEComputer Science and Electrical Engineering (various schools)
CSEECertificate of Secondary Education Examination (various locations)
CSEECouncil for Spiritual and Ethical Education
CSEECentral and Southeastern Europe
CSEECertified Sports Event Executive (employment program)
CSEECommon Software Engineering Environment
CSEECorporate Systems Engineering Environment (USACE)
CSEECommittee on Standards for Educational Evaluation (University of Missouri)
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In Luzon and Mindanao, PSALM billed its TSC and CSEE customers more than the actual allowable fuel and purchased power costs during the period.
Chaozhu, "Light robustness dispatch model for wind power integrated power system," Proceedings of the CSEE, vol.
Ma et al., "A control method based on current tracking error compensation of deadbeat control for a three-phase active power filter," Proceedings of the CSEE, vol.
(4) Although this is a large shift from the current mode of operation, we find that its negative welfare consequences for the CSEE region are modest.
"The links between food and business are important for the economies of less-developed transition countries that depend on rural areas," said Miljan Zdrale, Head of Agribusiness for CSEE at the EBRD: "This conference is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience that helps us choose the best tools to develop the agribusiness sector," he added.
More recently, Kjosevski (2012) aimed at identifying the determinants of life insurance demand of 14 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe (CSEE) using panel model for the period 1998-2010.
The results speak for themselves Csee pages 56-63].
According to a statement issued by the Bulgarian government, the <a href="http://www.novinite.com/articles/166415/PM+Borisov%3A+Bulgaria+Has+Potential+to+Become+Gas+Distribution+Center#sthash.8qW8smZ9.dpuf">high-level group on the construction of gas interconnections in Central and South Eastern Europe (CSEE) will review the regionas gas needs and supplies with attention to be paid to all projects of common interest.
PMSM Rotate Speed Recognition of Adaptive System Based on Variable Structure Model, Proceeding of the CSEE, 28 (9):71-75
For Central and South East European (CSEE) countries, this is a slight acceleration from 2012 and 2013 when growth was feeble (0.7 percent in 2012 and 1.3 percent in 2013).
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