CSEMCentre Sismologique Euro-Méditerranéen (France)
CSEMCore Security Event Management
CSEMClient Security Engine Module
CSEMCentre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (Switzerland)
CSEMCase Studies in Environmental Medicine (ATSDR)
CSEMCommission Scolaire English Montreal (French: English Montreal School Board; Montreal, Canada)
CSEMCentre Sportif d'Équitation Militaire (French: Military Riding Sports Center)
CSEMChambre Syndicale des Eaux Minérales (French: Union Chamber of Mineral Water)
CSEMControlled Source Electromagnetics
CSEMComputer Science, Engineering and Mathematics
CSEMCenter for the Study of Emergency Management
CSEMCenter for the Science and Engineering of Materials
CSEMConditional Standard Error of Measurement (educational testing parameter)
CSEMChild Support Enforcement Manual (State of Ohio)
CSEMCenter for Signature Evaluation and Modeling (Aerodyne)
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En ce qui a trait au deploiement des reseaux techniques dans son sous-sol, Montreal dispose d'une institution unique: la Commission des services electriques de Montral (CSEM).
CSEM is currently working on miniaturizing the system further and realizing a dedicated system interface for accurate signal conditioning.
Additionally, Dr Frenkel published pioneering works in the 80s in the field of CSEM data processing and subsurface imaging.
Rocksource will evaluate the available CSEM data for all the prospects.
The scientific focus areas of the CSEM programme include, for example, conditions such as inflammatory skin diseases, autoimmune diseases arising from a disturbed bacterial colonisation of the body, as well as various forms of cancer.
Stefan Klocke, Alexander Stuck and others are named inventors on several patents and patent applications for the optical and coding processes developed by or used at NANO 4 U, although the process for in-mould reproduction of nano-optical structures is a proprietary process owned by CSEM and licensed exclusively for various applications to NANO 4 U, together with a longer list of CSEM's intellectual property rights.
Tenders are invited for Amc for clean room and dust reduced rooms in csol and clean rooms 1 and 2 in csem for one year on quarterly servicing
10 June 2010 - UK surveying firm Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping Plc (OHM) (AIM: OHM), will acquire controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) data in the UK for Norwegian oil company Bridge Energy ASA (OSL: BRIDGE), in a deal, worth more than USD1m, Bridge Energy said today.
Within the framework of the European project MEDILIGHT, CSEM and six partners have developed a new solution for treating chronic wounds.
DID was invented by the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland (now CSEM - the Swiss Centre for Electronics and MicroTechnology) and HI took out exclusive rights for the technology, which has proved very successful in security laminates.
It was developed by the European Commission in collaboration with ten partners, including CSEM, to test novel technologies for capturing space debris.
In the late 1980's the ZOD was prototyped by the Paul Scherrer Institute (now CSEM), in co-operation with CARDAG AG both of Switzerland.