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CSPANCable Satellite Public Affairs Network
CSPANCommunity Sport and Physical Activity Network (UK)
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2) csPAN, entrevista, Brian Lamb con Alan Ehrenhalt, 21 de julio de 1991, acerca de The United States of Ambition: Politicians, Power and the Pursuit of Office.
The event was televised live on CSPAN, and drew international coverage.
Dick Cheney, vicepresidente de Estados Unidos en declareciones para CSPAN en 1994.
Apparently senators are re-elected based on recent CSPAN appearances, questioning whether any of them are ever thrown out for purely political reasons.
The comments come from a transcript supplied by CSPAN.
Terri is responsible for bringing CSPAN and the Discovery Channel to the Festival.
CSPAN is on 24/7 because of just that kind of inquiry.
From "Bugs Bunny," "Indiana Jones," and "Dances with Wolves" to Fox News and CSPAN, Nicholas Dembowski has spliced together 75 minutes of found footage to create a fast-paced montage that reflects many American's bias against the Middle East.
Moreover, he spoke while the CSPAN cameras were on, which would enable newscasts to replay his fateful words over and over.
Six of the nets in the TW tier --Disney Channel, the Weather Channel, CNN Headline News, Food Network, HGTV and CSPAN 2--will continue to be available on TW's expanded-basic ties: Most of the other family-tier nets also show up on TW's digital service.
Especially the top-drawer stuff like CSPAN and NPR will generate both subscriptions and book sales, heavier on the book sales usually since it's $19.