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CSS1Cascading Style Sheets Level 1
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5 bpm, while the athletes from CSS1 have recorded a value of 202.
Regarding the parameter Total distance run during the game, the athletes belonging to FC Dinamo Club have run on average 4431m, and the athletes from CSS1, the distance of 4747m; the average difference is an extra 316m run for the CSS1 athletes (figure 5).
CSS2: A look ahead" (Chapter 10), like Chapter 9, provides few concrete details about CSS2, but it does explain the differences between CSS1 and CSS2 and forecasts some changes that CSS practitioners should expect to see.
Table 1--Efficiency in the game and lift share of different trajectories Trajectory During in seconds Share in game and efficiency Romania International Ascending 3-10 hundredths 8%-0,847 18%-0,863 of seconds Short for T1 17- hundredths of seconds 26%-0,726 21%-0,811 Short for T2 18-44 hundredths of seconds Rapidly 25-38 hundredths between the of seconds 14%-0,636 23%-0,733 4-3 zone Rapidly in 3-45 hundredths zone 4 of seconds Semi high on 65-90 hundredths 43%-0,678 23%-0,710 the net of seconds Semi high 60-80 hundredths 7%-0,512 13%-0,743 in line II of seconds Table 2--The share of setter with the setter in zone 1and 2 Zone 1 Zone 4 Zone 3 Zone 2/1 Pipe Steaua 65 22 11 2 Dej 33 15 50 2 TOMIS Cta 25 36 25 14 Zalau 48 22 28 2 CSS1 Cta 18 21 58 3 Timisoara 43 14 26 14 MIN 18.
His examination, however, is very clear about how well the browsers support selected CSS2 and CSS1 specifications.
Contract notice: Realization of 4 ac / dc converters of dipoles d3d3p1 and cyclotron css1.
4: Services of manpower and light trucks in CSS1 and CSS2 of the center of TV production,
Of the transmission lines as well as the cyclotron beam C01, C02, CSS1 and CSS2 These cryogenic pumps are cooled by cryocoolers helium.