CSUEBCalifornia State University East Bay
CSUEBCalifornia State University Employment Board
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At the conference, Story+Structure Chief Strategist Guy Felder and Dan Bellone, Marketing Director, University Extension, CSUEB included an overview of their work to-date in a presentation: "Becoming an Experience Driven Organization.
In the year since we started work with CSUEB to launch a new, human-centered user experience, they've seen tangible results, including a significant increase in enrollment.
In another synergy project, CSUEB collaborated with California State University, Northridge to pilot a virtual computing lab.
Several years ago, CSUEB moved from an embedded IT team structure in each college to a shared services model, an effort that saved money and provided professional development opportunities.
Candidates selected by regional superintendent and CSUEB faculty.
Professor selected from exemplary district administrators and CSUEB program graduates.
My administrative credential and master's degree experiences at CSUEB legitimized using data to improve the schools in which I work.
The IMSS Project will be offered through the East Bay Science Project at CSUEB, which has been providing professional development programs for K-12 teachers for more than 10 years.
This grant represents one more in a series of successful partnerships between the Alameda County Office of Education and CSUEB," said Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Sheila Jordan.
Our mission at CSUEB is providing access to higher education and success.
Cultivating student interest in math and science is at the heart of our investment with CSUEB, recognizing that our sustained commitment is vital to ensure that high school students graduate college-ready and career bound," said Matt Lonner, manager of Global Partnerships and Programs at Chevron.
Accordingly, Story+Structure conducted an in-depth business analysis as the first step of the CSUEB project.