CtBPC-Terminal Binding Protein
CtBPCenter for Theoretical Biological Physics
CtBPCentre for Total Building Performance
CtBPCarboxyl Terminus-Binding Protein
CtBPCytosolic T3 Binding Protein
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CTBP2, a member of the CTBP family, acts as a transcriptional corepressor to modulate cancer cell growth and tumorigenesis by interacting with the C-terminus of the adenoviral E1A oncoprotein [26].
The new study analyzed prior gene expression studies to determine if gene pathways, repressed by CtBP, were diminished in breast cancer patients who suffered from more aggressive clinical outcomes.
CtBP is a regulatory factor mediating transcriptional repression that is important for cell cycle regulation and development; it acts as a [NAD.sup.+]-dependent D2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase (Kumar 2002).
Onuchic and CTBP colleagues Eshel Ben-Jacob and Patricia Jennings reached their conclusions after analyzing several studies on anti-microbial peptides (AMPs), corkscrew-shaped chains of amino acids that kill Gram-negative bacteria.
The ANGUSTIFOLIA gene of Arabidopsis, a plant CtBP gene, regulates leaf-cell expansion, the arrangement of cortical microtubules in leaf cells and expression of a gene involved in cell-wall formation.
An international dialogue between Catholics and Mennonites took place between 1998 and 2003, beginning with the theme "Toward a Healing of Memories", and concluding with a report entitled Called Together to be Peacemakers (CTBP).
APC binds to various proteins, including [beta]-catenin, axin, CtBP, Asefs, IQGAP1, EB1, and microtubules, and is a vital component of the destruction complex in the Wnt/[beta]-catenin signalling pathway.
Shareholders of California, US-based bank holding company Sierra Bancorp (NASDAQ: BSRR) and Coast Bancorp (OTC: CTBP) have approved the companies' agreed deal to merge, the companies said.
Sierra Bancorp (NASDAQ: BSRR) and Coast Bancorp (OTC: CTBP) have reported shareholders of Coast Bancorp approved the agreement and plan of reorganization and merger, the companies said.
Sierra Bancorp (NASDAQ: BSRR), the holding company of Bank of the Sierra, and Coast Bancorp (OTC: CTBP), the holding company of Coast National Bank, have said that the shareholders of Coast Bancorp have approved the previously announced merger agreement, dated as of January 4, 2016 between Sierra Bancorp and Coast Bancorp.
Sui et al., "Coordinated histone modifications mediated by a CtBP co-repressor complex," Nature, vol.
Early studies revealed that HPC2, a PcG protein, coimmunoprecipitated with pRB, E2F, and CtBP and colocalized with pRB in a nuclear PcG complex in cultured cells [83].