CTPATCustoms Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
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Although Palliser used cargo seals before joining CTPAT, they are in the process of choosing a new seal that can be used by all suppliers.
However, companies that fail to take such advice or to otherwise come into compliance with CTPAT will be suspended from the program.
In an open discussion, several industry experts complained about the lack of response to their initial queries and expressed skepticism about Customs being able to monitor its CTPAT members effectively and dedicate the manpower necessary to make it work.
Although efforts to get the trade partnership off the ground were delayed with the Iraq invasion, deadlines remain in place to open the first CTPAT fast lane in El Paso, Texas, on Sept.
If you import products into the US and use the CTPAT program to reduce the chance of conveying terrorist materials, you really want to closely know your suppliers and what they insert into their packages.
Address for Compliance Online CTPAT Revalidation Training: Preparing for a C-TPAT Revalidation (June 11, 2007), available at http://bpeglobal.
We expect the technology could enhance the ability of customer and shipping agents to meet their security requirements under CTPAT and CSI programs.
LimitLess is one of less than 650 locations in the USA providing a certified TSA warehouse for screening of air cargo and CTPAT certified in accordance to federal regulations concerning anti-terrorist partnership for global cargo movement and recently was licensed as a NVOCC for consolidation of ocean cargo shipments.
Maersk educates their customers daily and emphasizes the importance of CTPAT with shippers they work with.
The technology is expected to enhance the ability of shippers to meet their security requirements under CTPAT and CSI programs.
Examples of these programs include CTPAT, CSA, NEXUS, BRASS, PAPS, PARS, NCAP, LINE RELEASE, and ITDS (Morton 2003, 54; Gooley 2001, 1).