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CUBAClub Universitario de Buenos Aires (amateur rugby club)
CUBAChinese University Basketball Association
CUBACitizens United for the Bush Agenda (now Citizens United; Washington, DC)
CUBACircular Uniform Beam Array
CUBACollege and University Business Association
CUBACommutative, Unital Banach Algebra
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Senator Mushahid Hussain also referred to the Cuban resolution on lifting the blockade which will be presented before the UN General Assembly on October 26 and he added that all Pakistanis support the lifting of the blockade and seek a proactive role of Cuba in the international comity of nations.
Carnival Corporation also announced that it is accepting bookings on its 10th and newest brand, Fathom, from all travelers to Cuba, regardless of their country of origin, and is looking forward to its historic inaugural voyage to Cuba on May 1, 2016.
policy toward Cuba is focused on supporting our values, such as freedom of speech and assembly and the ability to access information, through engagement.
states trading with Cuba under provisions of the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000, which allows companies to sell certain goods for profit despite a general trade and travel embargo.
SMS Cuba said it has launched seamless text messaging services between the United States and Cuba.
More than 300 hotels in Cuba will be searchable on the site as well as flights to Cuba that are offered outside of the US Travel to Cuba cannot be booked on KAYAK and there will be no booking links offered in the search results -- the results are informational only.
9: Cuban Dictator Attacks President Bush: Excerpts From Fidel Castro's Speech in Santiago de Cuba, Jun.
policy debate on Cuba and have often been the subject of legislative initiatives.
Over 10,000 foreign students attend ELAM, transformed from a military naval base into a medical school in 1999 after hurricanes and mudslides devastated much of Central America, after which Cuba committed to provide free medical training to international youth from economically disadvantaged communities who aspire to serve humanity by becoming physicians.
Conservatives--particularly National Review, which taunted Matthews with a cartoon of Castro astride a map of Cuba, over a Times classified-ad slogan of the day, "I GOT MY JOB THROUGH THE NEW YORK TIMES"--reviled him.
She can watch a documentary about Cuba's revolution, Fidel Castro, or the poetic movie by a Soviet director, Yo Soy Cuba.
Cuba watchers wondered if there would be a revolution or a military coup, and Raul Castro mobilized Cuba's armed forces, in case, he said, of an invasion by the U.