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CANFCuban American National Foundation
CANFCanadian French
CANFCoalition Against No-Fault (Canada)
CANFCenter for Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles (US Department of Energy)
CANFCrédit Agricole Nord de France (French: North France Agricultural Bank)
CANFCircolo Autostoriche Nino Farina (Italian: Circle Historic Cars Nino Farina)
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Maybe a politician running against the Cuban American National Foundation will actually win a Florida election.
WASHINGTON -- Turmoil in the Cuban American National Foundation, which has split the powerful organization into warring factions, may damage the lobbying clout of the Cuban exile group and weaken support for US economic sanctions against Havana.
Nevertheless, the Cuban American National Foundation, a Cuban exile group, said it still hoped to set up a meeting.
Julia Sweig, Fellow Cuban American National Foundation 7300 NW 35th Terrace Miami, FL 33122 Voice: (305) 592-7768 Fax: (305) 592-7889 Website: http://www.
Cuban American National Foundation appears to be a routine defamation case in which Wayne S.
He and the members of the organization that he created, the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF), are politically sophisticated extremists with a tight grip on the Cuban-American electorate.
The Cuban American National Foundation, dissenting from the praise, said that sending humanitarian relief gives the wrong message to Castro.
Even though it has failed to topple Castro, while at the same time, imposing great hardships on the Cuban people, the fierce anti-Castro Cuban American National Foundation makes sure the ban stays.
policy toward Cuba has been dictated by Jorge Mas Canosa and his Cuban American National Foundation, which favors the most punitive measures against the island's communist regime.
by members of Congress strongly committed to the economic blockade, and by spokespersons for the right-wing Cuban American National Foundation in Miami.
OVER THE YEARS, Jorge Mas Canosa's Cuban American National Foundation has used bumper stickers, bus posters and billboards to blast the Miami Herald and publisher David Lawrence Jr.