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cm3Cubic Centimeters
cm3Construction Mechanic Third Class (Naval Rating)
cm3Centralized Medical Material Management (US Army)
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The company's hydraulic pump series includes its largest pump ever, with a capacity of 750 cubic centimeters (45.75 cubic inches), that is at 1,500 rpm.
Test results exhibit no detectable leaks at 1 x [10.sup.-9] cubic centimeters of helium per second.
Designed for smaller leak-rate and lower-flow applications, the CM-25 CalMaster complements IDC's earlier CM-15 model by adding a lower calibration range of 0.025 to 1.999 sccm (standard cubic centimeters per minute), compared to the CM-15's range of 0.25 to 19.99 seem.
The uranium solution will then be mixed to make the contents more uniform before 50 cubic centimeters of it are extracted using a pump.
When an older nurse replacing the younger one plunged the needle deeper into her arm, she asked a number of times for the needle to be pulled out but the nurse paid no heed, eventually extracting 200 cubic centimeters of blood after five minutes.
The zone has a saline flow conductivity (SFC) value of at least about 30x[10.sup.-7] cubic centimeters per second per gram, a performance under pressure (PUP) capacity value of at least about 23 grams under a confining pressure of 0.7 psi (5 kPa) and a basis weight of at least about 50 gpsm.
In either case, the amount of air that flows in to replace leakage flow is measured directly in sccm (standard cubic centimeters per minute).
The tester uses differential pressure decay testing technology to check the housings to a leakage rate accept/reject level of 3 standard cubic centimeters per minute (SCCM) at 10 pounds per sq in.
Thus, the excise duty on the import of buses with an engine capacity of up to 4000 cubic centimeters will be two manat for each cubic centimeter.
"Low-cost fuel cartridges are analogous to disposable alkaline batteries, but a cartridge containing 50 cubic centimeters of methanol can power your laptop for five or more hours compared to 10 minutes if you used an alkaline battery," said VIASPACE and DMFCC chief executive officer Carl Kukkonen.
Said to be ideal for highly repetitive industrial operations where reliability and accuracy are critical, the 2600-009 positive displacement valve dispenses a preset shot or volume, up to 0.33 cubic centimeters. It can be easily adjusted up to its maximum shot size, according to the manufacturer.