CUFECentre Universitaire de Formation en Environnement (French: University Centre for Environmental Training; Québec, Canada)
CUFECentral University of Finance and Economics (Beijing, China)
CUFECairo University Faculty of Engineering
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Since opening in February 2016 CUFE has supported over 25 community and voluntary sector organisations in Chester with small grants.
"The affordable bikes and furniture offered for sale by CUFE are great quality and offer a real lifeline to Chester families."
Chair of CUFE Clare Babbs said: "We realise that as access to public sector grant funds shrink, our small grants make a massive difference to local community and voluntary sector groups and help them make a huge impact across the Chester."
Rawiyah expressed the Sultanate's interest to expand cooperation fields with the Chinese side particularly after dispatching Omani students to study at CUFE in China.
Diversos estudios tecnicos han demostrado que en escorias de fundicion de minerales de esta clase es frecuente hallar prills sulfurosos (llamados mata) compuestos por CuFeS, CuS o FeS, que quedan incluidas en la matriz debido a su baja solubilidad en silicatos (Bachmann 1982: placa IXf, Xd; Mei y Rehen 2005:tabla 4; Merkel y Shimada 1988:6; Zori et al.
The consequences of the abrasive wear on the accuracy of quantitative x-ray microanalysis data are illustrated by the following examples: (1) chalcopyrite (CuFeS.sub.2]) in a massive form and as inclusions in a silver sulfide matrix, (2) a binary quartz ([SiO.sub.2])-arsenopyrite (AsFeS) mineral, (3) [alpha]-alumina crystals and (4) synthetic polycrystalline ZnS obtained by chemical vapor deposition.
Abstract-In 1996, using the continuous underway fish egg sampler (CUFES), we carried out a preliminary study with the daily egg production method (DEPM) for estimating fish biomass of Pacific sardine, Sardinops sagax.
Using these findings as a guide, in 1997 we carried out an adaptive allocation DEPM survey in which the numbers of sardine eggs collected with the CUFES were used to determine subsequent locations of vertical net tows.