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The new culinary arts program--with a full menu of classes--starts at the beginning of August with 250 students who work in an extra kitchen separate from the cafe.
The culinary arts labs underwent mechanical, electrical, and plumbing improvements.
This activity actually ended up being the final cooking exam for my high school culinary arts students, and they really took this seriously, enjoyed the competition, came up with brilliant, completely unexpected dishes, and earned amazing votes of confidence from other students and teachers who volunteered to do taste-testing.
Northwest Arkansas Community College's Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program is at capacity in its headquarters at the Center for Nonprofits in Rogers and is considering new quarters.
The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts is a professional culinary arts training school devoted to conscious cooking and a health-supportive, plant-based diet.
A recent addition to its course offerings is a progressively-designed, one-year Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts (DPCA).
A gastronomy and culinary arts program opens this year at Bilgi University in collaboration with the Chicago-based Kendall College to offer its students a globally acclaimed culinary education.
Among the programs it currently offers is the culinary arts program, which is 'intended to provide students with a strong foundation in the skills that are required in the food service industry.
The Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) in cooperation with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA), managed and operated by the international hospitality giant Les Roches, will grant three diploma scholarships in the field of culinary arts to Jordanian underprivileged students.
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has developed the Vocational Technical Education (VTE) Framework for Culinary Arts that outlines concepts and content that a student should know and be able to do.
Summary: The Minister of Labor Samir Murad visited the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA) on Sunday, October 24th 2010.
has given $1 million to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to create an endowed scholarship fund for students attending The Culinary Institute of America, one of the world's most prestigious culinary arts schools.