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CLDBCulturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds (Australian minorities term)
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Therefore, college faculty may need to focus on changing teachers' attitude toward children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
* What professional competencies do these educators view as necessary to provide appropriate educational services for students who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds?
In addition, students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are less likely to have a computer at home.
Kitano and Rena Lewis investigate the "relationship of tutoring in specific reading comprehension strategies to gains in reading achievement for children enrolled in self-contained classrooms for gifted students from low-income, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds." In the study, there were 58 third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade participants, including 12 English learners.
Sponsored by the Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative and Education Development Center, in partnership with NEA, this event high-lights the progress schools have made in delivering a quality education to all students--particularly those with disabilities and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It's also an excellent time for school communities to discuss how they can continue to improve their ability to educate all children and youth.
ABSTRACT: This article considers the extent to which Child Find procedures discussed in the literature are responsive to families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Discussion of the legal basis for Child Find activities targeting these young children and challenges in early identification of children from diverse backgrounds is followed by seven suggested guidelines and possible resources for developing culturally sensitive Child Find programs.
Different approaches used in parent-infant interaction intervention between parents and their birth to 3-year-old children with disabilities are described, along with implications for working with individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The report includes extensive references, an annotated bibliography, and a list of available resources from the CLAS Web site.
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