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CUSUMCumulative Sum
CUSUMCentral, Unsteady, Unmaintained Fixation (eye action)
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DIAGNOSTIC TEST RESULTS OF LINEAR LEAST SQUARE ESTIMATE FOR ASAI (1999) MODEL SERIAL CORRELATION LM TEST Lag 1 2.305 (0.129) Lag 2 3.096 (0.213) Lag 3 5.617 (0.132) Lag 4 5.633 (0.228) HETEROSCEDASTICITY TEST Lag 1 1.202 (0.273) Lag 2 2.078 (0.354) Lag 3 2.137 (0.545) Lag 4 2.023 (0.732) JARQUE-BERA TEST 2.227 (0.328) RAMSEY REGRESSION EQUATION SPECIFICATION ERROR TEST 2.451 (0.132) CUMULATIVE SUM TEST Stable CUMULATIVE SUM-OF-SQUARES TEST Stable R-squared 0.988 Adjusted R-squared 0.984 Source: Own calculations..
The plot of the cumulative sum of the recursive residual is showed in graph 1-2.
(i) How large is the impact of the type of relation between a "false negative" detection error and the flow rate at an entrance on the statistics of the cumulative sum of the amount of pedestrians within the area at the end of the day?
The Shewhart, CuMUF (Cumulative Sum of MUF), and GeMUF (geschatzter, or estimated, MUF) [9] tests are also included.
This criterion determines the number of principal elements based on the cumulative sum of percentages of principal components.
After listening to all the charges brought against him, Samuel pleaded guilty and was consequently sentenced to eight years imprisonment (one year imprisonment for each count) with an option to pay a cumulative sum of N450, 000.
Cumulative sum charts--Guidance on quality control and data analysis using CUSUM techniques.
where (Eq.) - conditional average value of the biological factor, (EQUATION) - dimensionless temperature curve, characterizing the amount of air temperature during the growing season in the cumulative sum; A, B, C, D - parameters of regression function.
The visual presentation of Cumulative Sum (CUSUM) and the Cumulative Sum of the Squares (CUSUMSQ) tests are giving in Figures.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Palestinian Committee of Prisoners' Affairs said on Thursday that Israeli courts have imposed fines on dozens of Palestinian minors detained in Ofer prison worth a cumulative sum of 10,740 dollars during the month of May alone.
For example, the fourth cumulative sum appears to be 16 times the first number in the addition chain, or the seventh cumulative sum appears to be 26 times the second number in the addition chain, but it is clear that these are mere coincidence as the first two numbers in the addition chain are arbitrary.
Three types of methods are commonly used, namely, the chronological grouping method, power-law curve analysis, and cumulative sum analysis.
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