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CURRSTRMCurrent Stream
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where [A.sub.c] is the cross-sectional area and the inductance of the current stream is defined by the factor in parentheses.
* [[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] if the cluster [i was updated by the current stream input point (at time []).
This is a second-tier entry in the current stream of Mexican cinema that, given a rather mediocre year, is nevertheless all the rage right now on the lest circuit; pic is bound to benefit from the uptrend.
The current Stream is mainly purchased by couples with children, but with the launch of the new Stream, Honda also aims to target couples in their 30s who do not have children and those whose children have already grown up, according to Honda.
FISC Puget Sound was the first Navy facility to win a NALEMP grant for design and construction and the current stream meander design and utility relocation was conducted under this program.
The firm's current stream inoculation unit lacked the desired reliability, so the facility looked at options for a secondary or safety inoculant.
As such, the bill threatens to prevent governments from taxing the current stream of telecommunications activity, a potential revenue loss of nearly $8 billion according to the Multistate Tax Commission.
Having a current stream of information of this type is important for developing business strategies.
Flow Control: Flow control provides a method during a data streaming operation for a target to give an indication to an initiator that the current SPI data stream information unit is the last of the current stream. This early warning provides a way for the initiator to more effectively manage other.
"At various times throughout the day, we'll do a 'frame-grab' or spot-check to see if the present color settings are appropriately calibrated to the current stream. If an adjustment is necessary, it's a simple matter of touching the computer panel with a light pen."
In this case, however, rather than controlling the current, the "and" or centre electrode is used to sense the voltage at the mid point of the current stream. Now if (say) the zone between anode and grid is exposed to smoke and the part between the cathode and and is shielded from smoke, the voltage read at the "grid" sense electrode will reduce.
Some materials slow down the current stream, causing it to lose energy and creating heat in the conductor.