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Having set his mind fixedly on the project of breaking up the establishment at Astoria, in the current year, M'Dougal was sorely disappointed at finding that Messrs.
The captain now made his arrangements for the current year. Cerre and Walker, with a number of men who had been to California, were to proceed to St.
It was obvious that to him Blanche Stroeve was only a unit to be added to the statistical list of attempted suicides in the city of Paris during the current year. He was busy, and could waste no more time on us.
Anne of Austria did not die until 1666, and Dumas sets the current year as
When he had done so, he told me that as I came to demand it before the crop was off, I had a right to produce of the current year, and so he paid me #100 in Spanish pieces of eight, and desired me to give him a receipt for it as in full for that year, ending at Christmas following; this being about the latter end of August.
representing the first ten days of my allowance for the current year; their privileges finished on the evening of the tenth inst.
Her employment, diversified by an occasional glance at the pot, now beginning to simmer over the blaze, was the perusal of the current year's Massachusetts Almanac, which, with the exception of an old black-letter Bible, comprised all the literary wealth of the family.
Similarly, the Incidents of Hand Grenade in the current year 2015, 04 compared to 18 in corresponding period of 2014, The Incidents of firing in the current year 2015, 12 compared to 35 in corresponding period of 2014.
The designed capacity of Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corp.'s factories comes to more than 3.2 million tons in the current year and is expected to be the same in the coming year 2011.
The partnership or S corp has changed, or will change, its tax year because its current year no longer qualifies as a natural business year or the S corp's current year no longer qualifies as an ownership tax year because a tax-exempt owner is disregarded.
However, by making a current year sale with part or all of the proceeds payable in subsequent years, a non-dealer seller is only taxed in any year on that proportion of the profit represented by the payment received.
Under existing regulations, most taxpayers will not be subject to underpayment penalties in the current year as long as they paid 25% of their previous year's liability in each quarter.