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CYCy Young Award Winner (baseball)
CYCalendar Year
CYCounty (IRB)
CYCurrent Year
CYContract Year
CYCymraeg (Welsh, ISO 639 language code)
CYChildren and Youth
CYCubic Yard
CYContainer Yard
CYChinese Yuan
CYCurrent Yield (finance)
CYCyprus Airways Ltd (IATA airline code)
CYChief Yoeman (rank; US Navy)
CYCyber Yugoslavia
CYChallenge for Youth (Northern Ireland)
CYCommonwealth Year (TV show Andromeda)
CYCommunications Yeoman (naval signals rating)
References in classic literature ?
Having set his mind fixedly on the project of breaking up the establishment at Astoria, in the current year, M'Dougal was sorely disappointed at finding that Messrs.
The captain now made his arrangements for the current year.
It was obvious that to him Blanche Stroeve was only a unit to be added to the statistical list of attempted suicides in the city of Paris during the current year.
Anne of Austria did not die until 1666, and Dumas sets the current year as
When he had done so, he told me that as I came to demand it before the crop was off, I had a right to produce of the current year, and so he paid me #100 in Spanish pieces of eight, and desired me to give him a receipt for it as in full for that year, ending at Christmas following; this being about the latter end of August.
He said that 29,406 soil samples against the fixed target of 47,200 samples have also been collected for analysis in the district during current year.
Other Apparatus worth $204,962 were imported during the first quarter of current year as compared to $179,989 of last year.
During the current year Avcorp incurred expenses totaling USD5,865,000 in support of its current merger and acquisition initiatives.
According to a press release, during the current year 2015, 30 number of incident as compared to 134 numbers incidents in 2014 showing 78 % decrease as far as modus operandi is concerns there is a decreased in all sorts of incidents.
The MP, Helal al-Sahlani told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The interim committee addressed the government to send the current year budget to the parliament to discuss the amendments put forward by the Interim Committee.
The report pointed out that the preliminary financial results for the last few months of the current year, the demand outlook, oil prices, as well as the solid situation of the banking sector, the largest financier of various projects, are all factors that boost stability and suggest opportunities of growth.
The mayor said one of the pluses in the budget is that health insurance increased 1 percent from the current year, or about $68,000.