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Regression analysis was performed to analyze the current-voltage curve of the cells.
Analyzed current-voltage curve indicates that, over the entire temperature range 25-300 K at high voltages, the nonlinear character of I-V curve takes place, which causes increasing of potential barrier.
On the anodic current-voltage curve of iron nanoparticles coated with a layer of carbon and diazonium salts (sample 3), besides a peak (at potential -(0.12 [+ or -] 0.01)), there has been another additional anodic signal at the potential E = (0.45 [+ or -] 0.05) (Figure 2, curve 4) that is obviously related to electric transformations of diazonium salts.
Again using a BSS83 nMOSFET, a current-voltage curve was measured and the effective drain to source resistance was extracted (Fig.
This lumped circuit includes a current generator providing the short-circuit current ([I.sub.Light]), which is a function of the solar irradiation, a diode to account for the typical knee of the current-voltage curve through the reverse saturation current ([I.sub.0]), a series resistor ([R.sub.s]), and a shunt resistor ([R.sub.SH]), emulating intrinsic losses depending on PV cell series and parallel connections.
Different electrode potential contributes the electrode to different oxidation and reduction reaction and records the current-voltage curve. In this paper, we use cyclic voltammetry for testing.
The [alpha] coefficient is usually determined from the nonlinear part of the current-voltage curve. In log-log plot, the [alpha] expresses the slope of the curve.
However, if we limit the ac voltage excursions to only a few mV, the curvature of the current-voltage curve will not be too great, and we may approximate the true relationship with a straight-line, linear approximation.
For a comparison, the current-voltage curve of an ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene sample filled with 14 wt% of the carbon black (14) is also presented in Figure 1.
In order to extract the initial values of the model parameters at standard conditions, it has been assumed that the slope of current-voltage curve in open-circuit point is available from the manufacturers.
Conduction behavior in the samples was registered and evaluated by current-voltage curves at room temperature.
Peng, "Quantitative fitting of nonlinear current-voltage curves and parameter retrieval of semiconducting nanowire, nanotube and nanoribbon devices," Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, vol.
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