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C2VCurrent-to-Voltage (converter)
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For each channel, the user can select either the voltage probe attenuation or the current-to-voltage conversion ratio of the current probe.
The higher loop gain will decrease the uncertainty of t he current-to-voltage conversion.
The preamplifier was constructed from ten current-to-voltage converters connected in parallel as shown in the schematic of Fig.
If we combine the bootstrap impedance multiplier circuit with a transimpedance amplifier, an improved performance current-to-voltage converter can be realized (Fig.
10) becomes equal to -RT which is the low frequency (dc) current-to-voltage gain of the combined transimpedance amplifier.
5 [degrees]C to perform current-to-voltage conversion close to the 0.
01 % relative standard uncertainty in the current-to-voltage conversion.
It is very important to keep the loop gain high enough at the signal frequency because the accuracy of the current-to-voltage conversion depends on its magnitude [16].
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