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CUSAConference USA (Collegiate Athletic Conference)
CUSACarleton University Students Association (Canada)
CUSACertified Utility Safety Administrator (US National Safety Council)
CUSACouncil of Unions of South Africa
CUSAConstitution of the United States of America
CUSAChinese Undergraduate Students Association (University of Chicago)
CUSACorrections USA (prison correctional officer organization)
CUSACavitational Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (Valleylab, Boulder, Colorado, USA)
CUSACitizenship USA Program
CUSACenterville United Soccer Association
CUSACertified Unix Systems Administrator
CUSAConservatism, USA
CUSAConcordia University Students' Association (Montreal, Canada)
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Featuring unique and aesthetic stand-up packaging containing packets, Cusa Tea boxes sit well at check-out counters, in the deli and coffee and juice sections, as well as in the Grab and Go.
The Cusa fee, imposed in 2012, pays for SBMA's expenses for municipal services, such as street cleaning, street lighting, firefighting and law enforcement inside the free port.
Senala las fuentes de las obras de Nicolas de Cusa, la traducciones a idiomas modernos de De visione Dei-, indica tambien las obras del Cusano que han sido ya traducidas al frances, entre las que incluye sus proximos trabajos: lejeu de la boule, Le Principe et VEgalite y Complements theologiques.
The CUSA is able to dissect tissue but does not offer coagulation or haemostasis.
shows how, in De concordantia catholica, Cusa has introduced the metaphysical standpoints that he would examine more in depth in De docta ignorantia: although there is only one truth, there can be multiple ways of reaching it.
El examen de esta metafora platonica otorga, por tanto, una importante clave hermeneutica para reconstruir una doctrina del autoconocimiento humano en Nicolas de Cusa a la luz de los presupuestos establecidos en el dialogo entre Socrates y el joven Alcibiades (6).
In an act of cowardice, the university administration has refused to become involved in the issue, hiding behind the statement that CUSA is "an independent incorporated organization [which] operates independently of the university" (Nat.
El interes por investigar el pensamiento de Nicolas de Cusa reunio a especialistas de distintos paises en la capital de Bretana los dias 24 y 25 de abril de 2009.
Metafisica de la unidad: fragmentos sobre la filosofia de Nicolas de Cusa, Mexico, Editorial Torres Asociados, 2007.
This introductory text, published by Paulist Press, fills a need for a collection of accessible essays about the thought of Nicholas of Cusa (1401-64).
Out goes the house-like image of the medieval cosmos, and Harries highlights the influential philosophical realignments framed by the Renaissance scholar Nicholas of Cusa, alongside the exploration of perspective by his contemporary Leon Battista Alberti, a philosophical and practical construct that located man at the centre of the universe.