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CJTCustomized Job Training
CJTCriminal Justice Technology (college program)
CJTCapacity Joint Table (Canadian volunteer committee)
CJTConsiliul Judetean Tulcea (Romanian: Tulcea County Council)
CJTComité des Jeunes de Tubize (French: Tubize Youth Committe; Tubize, Belgium)
CJTChorale des Jeunes de Truchtersheim (French: Truchtersheim Youth Choir; Truchtersheim, France)
CJTCoopérative Jeunesse de Travail (French: Youth Work Cooperative; Canada)
CJTCivilian Jeep Truck
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The Customized Job Training program provides employee training assistance to Nebraska companies that are working to create or retain jobs for Nebraska citizens.
This report highlights the most salient information called for in the legislation, including data on: faculty demographics and curricular areas; student enrollment in for-credit courses and by curricular areas; dual enrollment; distance learning; articulation agreements with higher education institutions; class size; retention and graduation rates; customized job training offerings and businesses and organizations served; remediation; and geographic representation of students.
Appended are: (1) Developing a High-Performing Organization: Self-Assessment Instrument for Workforce Development Professionals in Higher Education; (2) Competency Model for Community College Workforce Developers; (3) Competency Assessment Instrument for Community College Workforce Developers; (4) Templates for Conducting 5-S Consultative Sales; (5) Coaching Checksheet for Community College Workforce Developers; (6) Templates for Community College Workforce Developers; and (7) State-by-State Electronic Resources for Workforce Development Strategic Plans and Customized Job Training Grants.
Alternatively, reauthorization of WIA could provide matching funds to states that maintain or increase investment in customized job training programs, thereby encouraging state funding of such programs.
A table identifies 10 transition enhancements offered through WIA programs, among which are additional and convenient sources of career development information, expanded opportunities for work-based learning and jobs, and customized job training and career support services.
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