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CUSUMCumulative Sum
CUSUMCentral, Unsteady, Unmaintained Fixation (eye action)
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This task was performed separately by three to four users for each disease, and decisions on the final parameters for each CUSUM algorithm were reached by consensus agreement.
Once the CUSUM detection algorithm was optimized for each disease through the modelling of historical data, the algorithm was applied prospectively for a testing period (ranging from 3 to 12 months).
Instead of tracking between acceptable and unacceptable limits, the CUSUM scores were plotted around a line representing a predicted complication rate to determine whether complications for a particular surgeon were occurring more often, less often, or as predicted, based on patient risk factors.
Our conclusion is at first striking, but must be viewed within the context of CUSUM methodology.
k es una constante que sensibiliza la Carta de control CUSUM, generalmente se toma como referencia el valor de 0.
Los nuevos estadisticos para la Carta CUSUM HV son en su orden,
Out of control-disaster' refers to the situation where the CUSUM score exceeds the limit and keeps increasing, 'Out of control-general' refers to the situation where the CUSUM score exceeds the limit sometimes, but still fluctuates.
The CUSUM chart of mixed air temperature for all three cases can be seen in Fig 4.
A greater value of k is not used because an X-chart is capable of detecting large shifts in a process, whereas the CUSUM chart is used to detect small shifts.
However, for the surveillance system to be considered a useful early warning system, additional study is required to determine the best methods for selecting from the automatically generated CUSUM signals those that might be important for public health.
Overall, the CUSUM methods (the seasonally adjusted CUSUM, C1, C2, and C3) had similar times to detection, but their sensitivities varied (Table).
The resistance value (for binary tests 0 = susceptible or 1 = nonsusceptible; for quantitative tests, the actual MIC) for each isolate was then passed to CUSUM (binary only) or MA (binary and quantitative) modules, where alerts were generated on the basis of control limits.