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This threshold frequency (~280 Hz), called the cutoff frequency, occurs at c/2d for square ducts where d is the duct dimension and c/1.71D for circular ducts where D is the duct diameter.
* A twin T notch filter with a cutoff frequency 60 HZ is used to remove the powerline noise.
To be noticed in Table I is that, while the upper cutoff frequency only exhibits a few distinct values, the lower cutoff frequency covers a much larger variation range.
This behavior of the filters is due to the fact that these capacitors are characterized by very small capacitance on the order of pF, and as a result the cutoff frequency of these filters extends beyond the generator limits (10 Hz [less than or equal to] [f.sub.generator] [less than or equal to] 2 MHz).
In each of these three groups, patients were further subdivided into those with mild (25-40 dB HL), moderate (41-60 dB HL), and severe (>60 dB HL) HF SNHL subgroups, defined by the means of averaged pure-tone threshold across frequencies higher than the cutoff frequency. Thus, finally, we formed eight HF SNHL groups, including mild, moderate, and severe groups with cutoff frequencies at 1 and 2 kHz and mild and moderate groups with cutoff frequency at 4 kHz, and one NH group.
From Equation (28), the bandgap cutoff frequency is only relevant to the shell/oscillator mass ratio [beta] and decreases when the mass ratio increases.
For simply supported Timoshenko beams, Traill-Nash and Collar [25] first reported the appearance of a "second frequency spectrum" when the vibration frequency [omega] is larger than a specific frequency known as the cutoff frequency [[omega].sub.c].
where [f.sub.c] and [f.sub.0] are the cutoff frequency and resonance frequency of the stopband, respectively.
Our cut-off frequency calculation of the first case results in an expression function of the optic axes components [[epsilon].sub.z] and [[mu].sub.z], which coincides with the conventional bi-isotropic formula [2], and it is obtained from bianisotropic one, when [[xi].sub.z] [square root of [[mu].sub.ry][[epsilon].sub.ry]] = [[xi].sub.y] [square root of [[mu].sub.ry][[epsilon].sub.rz]] and [square root of [[mu].sub.rz][[epsilon].sub.rz]] [not equal to] [absolute value of [[xi].sub.z]] The second case results in a new and interesting expression of cutoff frequency function only of the chirality parameter [[xi].sub.z], this latter cancels the direct effect of the two parameters (permeability [[mu].sub.z] and permittivity [[epsilon].sub.z]) on the cut-off frequency value.
In this case [SC.sub.01] waves have upper hybrid frequency [[omega].sub.H] = [([[omega].sup.2.sub.b] + [gamma][[omega].sup.2.sub.i]/2).sup.1/2] and will approach the beam frequency [[omega].sub.b] with the wavenumber being close to infinity, and [Be.sub.01] waves have the cutoff frequency [[omega].sub.[beta]].
Waveguide filters are utilized for high-power applications; however, their operating frequency is above the cutoff frequency, which is governed by the width of the waveguide.