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cuzCommunity Use Zone (Crocker Range Park Management Plan; Malaysia)
cuzCuzco, Peru - Tte Velazco Astete (Airport Code)
cuzChinese Union of Zurich (est. 2003)
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"If I'm shinin', everybody gonna shine," she declares on "Juice," the joyful lead single on "Cuz I Love You." In "Tempo," a club banger featuring Missy Elliott, Lizzo asserts that slow songs aren't worthy of her curves.
But Caal Cuz's legal team is pushing back against claims that his daughter wasn't taken care of during the journey.
Still, Cuz is a valuable addition to the literature of race in America.
State-of-the-art vanadium-based SCR catalysts (commonly referred to in the literature as [V.sub.2][O.sub.5]-W[O.sub.3]/Ti[O.sub.2]) and a state-of-the-art small pore Cu/zeolite SCR catalyst (CuZ) were evaluated in this work.
Este estudio fue posible gracias al apoyo de Andes Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group (ABERG), los autores expresan su agradecimiento a los directores y curadores de los herbarios: Herbario Vargas (CUZ), Herbario del Museo de Historia Natural- Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (USM), Herbario Nacional de Bolivia (LPB), al Field Museum (F) y al Herbario del Missouri Botanical Garden (MO) por el acceso a las colecciones botanicas.
The close harmonies, the distribution of workload (equal, with everyone taking turns), the arrangement (with one low horn and two higher ones), and the styles are all familiar and meet their spoken goal: "to furnish some amusing music for three horns." I've got awe for Shaw--cool is the rule, and these Trips are hip 'cuz swing is the thing, and 120 is plenty.
You may be surprised to see some talented, young chaps in the middle of nowhere who shred without any dreams of going pro or getting in the mags cuz we are way out in Arkansas.
There's a rumour that i fly Emirates cuz the ads are cool.
cuz no matter how much we got we act like time be tickin' hot but
Don't get too attached, cuz he's planning to sell us.
Not too many people see "Da Secret Shellee." In one way might be good cuz bumbye if da whole school knew I get one crush on her would be SHAME.
'cuz what if I get into a long discussion and someone asks me a question I can't answer?