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Cx43Gap Junction Protein Connexin43 (gene)
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Under the terms of the agreement, OcuNexus has licensed the rights to the first ophthalmic drug in development targeting Cx43 and the inflammasome pathway of inflammation to Eyevance to treat patients with severe trauma that in many cases, despite the best standard of care, will lose vision.
This reactive response was preceded by a significant increase in CX43 gene expression (p-value=0.011) at 24 hours and was coupled with decreased CX43 expression at 48 hours (p-value=0.018).
Besides serving as a channel for lactate dissipation, Cx43 mediates cellular communication between cancer and tumorassociated stromal cells.
In this study, we have investigated the role of Cx43 and GJIC in the rescue of CFTR-dependent chloride efflux in coculture of CFBE cells with hAMSCs.
The expression regions of Cx40, Cx37, and Cx43 are mainly restricted on the cytomembrane of vascular ECs [44].
The membranes were hybridized with a mouse monoclonal anti-connexin 43 (cx43) antibody (dilution, 1: 500; Chemicon International Inc., Temecula, CA, USA), a rabbit polyclonal anti-MyoD antibody (dilution, 1: 500; Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc., Santa Cruz, CA, USA), or a mouse monoclonal anti-myogenin antibody (dilution, 1: 500; Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc.), followed by reaction with horseradish-peroxidase-conjugated anti-mouse or anti-rabbit IgGs (1:10,000; GE Healthcare, Cologno Monzese, Italy).
Cao, "Cx43 in mesenchymal stem cells promotes angiogenesis of the infarcted heart independent of gap junctions," Molecular Medicine Reports, vol.
Additionally, the effect of Wenxin Granule on Cx43 and Cx45, those involved in gap junction pathway, was also observed in the present study.
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Inhibition of oxidized- phospholipid-induced vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation by resveratrol is associated with reducing Cx43 phosphorylation.