CxFColor Exchange Format
CxFChemical Exchange Format
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Using Formula (3), the CXF values of cover pixels can be calculated.
To make it clear, all possible cases are classified to three cases according to the amount of different values between the calculated CXF values and the secret bits.
For the first case, Case A, there is only one position with different value between the calculated CXF values and the secret bits.
Note that replacing the least-significant bit of pixel [y.sub.i] with its complement does not affect the results of other pixels' CXF values.
To encourage consistency in the development of chemical substance software and use of substance data, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) unveiled a standard data exchange format called Chemical Exchange Format (CXF).
CXF, available free of charge, provides representation of chemical substances and queries, including atoms, fragments, molecules, and reactions.
Therefore, CXF is expressed in Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1), an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) open systems interconnection standard compatible with numerous software programs.
ORIS CxF Toolbox communicates every facet of a brand color accurately along entire supply chains, and color management across platforms is finally achievable through ORIS Press Matcher // Web.
Related work shows this mechanism [16], which uses the Java RMI library, and other Web Service Invocation Frameworks, such as Apache Axis and CXF, which support SOAP and JAX-WS invocations respectively [17].
Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum (left) and Ricoh Arena chief executive Daniel Gidney with the new Whitley designed CXF Concept car by Jaguar.