CXICommon X-Windows Interface
CXIChemical Exchange Industries (chemical manufacturer; Texas)
CXICommon X Interface (X Window System)
CXICircuit Exchange International (UK)
CXIColor Mixer (Wyron, stage lighting)
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“ECi's goal is to provide technology that gives independents a clear competitive advantage, and CXi will do just that.”
Powered by an Intel Core i3 4030U processor (3MB Intel Smart Cache, 1.90GHz), the Chromebox CXI provides enough speed for fueling multiple projects simultaneously and leveraging HD video and applications.
The 4 leaders, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Tmall, and China Merchants Bank, swept the top spots in each of the three CXi components: meeting needs, being easy to do business with, and being enjoyable to do business with.
Financial institutions are now able to streamline their international payments process through WireXchange, while benefiting from CXI's world-class customer service, pricing, and full suite of foreign exchange solutions.
--La CXI Asamblea plenaria de la Conferencia Episcopal (16-20 de abril) aprobo los nuevos estatutos y ereccion como persona juridica privada de la Fundacion Educativa San Jose de Cluny, la modificacion de los estatutos de la Hermandad Obrera de Accion Catolica, la aprobacion de los estatutos y ereccion de la asociacion privada de fieles Encuentro y Solidaridad, la modificacion de los estatutos del Santuario de Nuestra Senora del Rocio en Ayamonte (Huelva), y aprobo la supresion de la aportacion de la partida de bautismo para la obtencion de la Declaracion Eclesiastica de Competencia Academica (DECA) (29).
This also saw it take the CXI Top Dealership in the UK for Customer Service.
Asi, en el poema "La luna" (CXI), la voz poetica no puede asimilar dentro de su universo interior un rotulo publicitario que, de forma hiper-luminosa y precodificada, falsifica la representacion de este referente.
The high level ministerial meeting received the recommendations from seven working groups such as; UN Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, OECD's AI Expert Group (AIGO), UNESCO's AI Ethics working group, IEEE Global Initiative on the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, Council on Extended Intelligence (CXI), 2nd Global Governance of AI Roundtable and a Global Data Commons International Task Force.
Eggplant RPA can work with Eggplant Real Customer Experience Insights (CXI) to record and analyze the usage patterns of real users in production and feed this into the Eggplant Modeler as a robotic process.
8: 8; 89: 4; Bitner-Wroblewska 2007, plates VII: 6; LXXIII: 16) and north-west Russia (Khvoshchinskaya 2004, 94, plate CXI: 18-20).
The CXI instrument at LCLS provided an exceptionally bright, nanofocus beam that allowed us to extract data from such a small number of fibres, reports co-author Mengning Liang, a scientist at SLAC.
Posteriormente, en 1873, se aprobo la Ley que se encuentra en la Coleccion Legislativa de Espana (CXI, No.