CXICommon X-Windows Interface
CXIChemical Exchange Industries (chemical manufacturer; Texas)
CXICommon X Interface (X Window System)
CXICircuit Exchange International (UK)
CXIColor Mixer (Wyron, stage lighting)
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CV, CVI, CVII e CXI variaram em tons de rosa, no entanto com categorias laranja rosados.
CXI expects the deal to result in operational efficiencies because of the similar line of operations and back office functions.
cxi, senala que el fin de su libro no es dar al mundo una nueva teoria sobre la logica, sino regresar a las tesis mas importantes emitidas sobre este asunto.
Centrifugation was done at 12000 x g for 10 min in a centrifuge (MSB010 CXI 5, MSE, UK).
The pageant is sponsored by Get Image Ready, AZ Culture, CXI Media, and the Glam Squad (for more information go to www.
New owner CXI 92 Ltd told the Daily Mail: "I'll be honest, we negotiated a good deal and we bought the property because of the low price.
Hewlett-Packard recently introduced the HP CXI Self Checkout System, which is designed for smaller environments.
Domestic life in Ireland: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, CXI, C.
CxI with 2 or 3 strong white distolateral setae and some smaller white setae on apical edge.
Otras alusiones relacionadas con la ficcion caballeresca son la referencia en el capitulo CXI a que los prisioneros mientras eran trasladados "iban pensando si era encantamiento o sueno" (335); en el capitulo CCV un soldado se compara con Agrajes, personaje de Amdadis de caracterizado por sus brabuconadas (869); y finalmente el autor afirma haber leido La destruccion de Jerusalem (CLVI, 573).
Such words contain the kind of Qur'anic echoes suggestive of a certain kinship between this legend and Sura CXI in the Qur'an; that is the Sura of Abi Lahab (the Father of the Flame)--a reference to one of the prophet's uncles who was an inveterate enemy of Islam at its inception and whose wife is described as carrying firewood.